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At Rathmines Thai Therapy our services are something which everyone should try, such is the exceptional experience, skills and techniques provided by our talented team.
Please note this is a strictly authentic Thai massage only!

Deep Tissue Massage
A deep tissue massage is a treatment designed to relieve severe tension in the patients muscles and the connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. An extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology is required to determine where to treat each patient. A deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who are experiencing consistent pain and who are physically active or engaged in sports. It is also common for patients recovering from sustained physical injury to undergo a deep tissue massage. It is not uncommon for receivers of deep tissue massage to have their pain replaced with a new muscle ache for a day or two. Deep tissue massages are a technique that is incorporated in a remedial massage session.
Aroma Therapy Massage
Thai aromatherapy massage at Rathmines Thai Therapy combines the deeply relaxing strokes of Swedish massage with tantalising carefully selected aromatherapy oils to relieve tension in the muscles and calm your mind. It is generally a light to medium pressured health and wellness trreatment but you may request firmer pressure if you wish. If you wish to use non-scented oil, you can try our Swedish oil massage. Effective treatment for:
Upper and lower back pain,
Neck and shoulder pain,
Muscle and tendon injuries,
Sciatica Repetitive strain injuries
If you would like to know more about the service we provide, or would like to make an appointment please get in touch. Pre-bookings are recommended to ensure you can be attended to.
Hot Oil Massage
A Hot Oil Massage combines techniques including long strokes, gentle kneading and rolling of skin and muscle with the addition of midley scented natural oils to eases the tension while providing a sensual experience. The treatment leaves you feeling de-stressed and relaxed. This wellness style massage uses gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscle and joint tension, and balance the body’s energy systems. This treatment will leave you feeling de-stressed, refreshed and re-energized.
Indian Head Massage
An Indian Head Massage provides stress relief using the head, face and neck to leave your mind feeling clearer and relaxed. It originated in India over a thousand years ago and began as a way of keeping the hair in good condition.The areas are massaged using firm yet gentle, rhythmic movements that involve acupressure points called Marma points. An Indian head massage at Rathmines Thai Therapy has the following benefits:
relieve eyestrain,
relieve insomnia,
ease headaches and migraine,
relax muscles,
relax and tones facial muscles,
stimulate the hair and scalp,
help localized blood and lymphatic circulation,
boost the immune system,
restore joint movement,
relieve sinusitis,
reduce stress,
release anxiety,
An Indian head massage is especially popular for migraines and headaches. Get in touch to find out more or to make a booking.

Thai Foot Massage
This ancient technique directly stimulates the nervous system through the application of gentle yet firm pressure to acupressure points – primarily in the feet – which correspond to glands, organs and muscles throughout the body, promoting healing in these areas. At Rathmines Thai Therapy you will experience the most relaxing experience with our one of a kind foot massage. Our friendly team start with gentle massage along your feet and lower leg with our special oil blend with balm to help improve blood circulation, follow with pressure point using fingertip to massage and stimulate foot points. We provide one of the best foot massage experiences in Dublin. Get in touch if you wish to make an appointment.
Back, Head, Shoulder Massage
A back, head, shoulder and neck massage at Rathmines Thai Therapy is specifically designed to energize as well as de-stress and unwind. This type of massage is a short acupressure (pressure point) style massage carried out with the client lying down while one of our talented and experienced therapist focuses on the main stress bearing areas as below:
Upper Body
Neck, shoulders & head
Traditional Thai Massage
A Traditional Thai Massage is great for relieving stress and tension using ancient and traditional Thai techniques. This popular style of massage is suitable for the treatment of back pain, stiff, neck, shoulder pain and sports related injuries including muscle and tendon strain. Stimulating blood circulation & relaxing muscles. A Traditional Thai massage is not only the way to treat pain but also the process of health care and treatment, resulting in a treatment that greatly affects the body and mind. Such a massage stimulates the circulation of the blood and also relaxes the patients muscles.
Sports Massage
This type of massage is specially designed for injury prevention and recovery for active athletes or sports enthusiasts. At Rathmines Thai Therapy our blend of Thai and deep tissue massage releases trigger points (muscle knots), provides pain relief and improves range of motion through yoga style stretching. Ideal to aid event preparation and accelerate recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage1hr€70
Aroma Therapy Massage1hr€65
Hot Oil Massage1hr/90mins€65/€95
Indian Head Massage40mins€50
Reflexology, Foot Massage40mins€50
Back, Head, Shoulder Massage30mins/40mins€45/€50
Traditional Thai Massage1hr€70
Sports Massage1hr€70

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